Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Helping Kenyan Orphans Complete Their High School Education

In 2014, a study concluded that there were as many as 2.8 million orphans and vulnerable children living in Kenya.   The largest concentration of these children is in the Rift Valley – over 800,000.  The WGM missionaries serving at Tenwek Hospital work closely with four children’s homes seeking to provide care for these children.   Kenyans working at Tenwek Hospital Community Health and Development along with WGM Missionaries formed the Tenwek Orphan Outreach Ministry with the goal of coming along side the Children’s Homes to assist and provide a better life.

The children living at Paul Kenduiwa, Umoja, Bosto Africa Gospel Church, and Mosop Children’s Homes range in age from toddlers to high school students, and each home relies on support from the church, the community and outside sources to feed and clothe their children.   These Homes and these children struggle each day, but the children are blessed to be in Homes where their basic necessities are provided.  However, each child knows that a day will arrive when they can no longer continue living in the home.  This is a frightening reality, and the Tenwek Community, through the Orphan Ministry, is striving to provide hope to those children who age out of their Homes. 

Education is the means to enable these children, soon to be adults, the opportunity to provide a life in which they can support themselves, their future family and their community.  The Tenwek Orphan Outreach Ministry currently provides full scholarships to over 100 high school age boys and girls.  These students attend day and boarding schools in their local villages.   The boys and girls are required to maintain a grade average of C or higher, and members of the orphan ministry work with the schools to insure that our students receive the resources they need to succeed.   Upon graduation, the children, now adults under Kenyan law, are no longer eligible to live at the Children’s Home; however, with an education each has the ability to seek meaningful employment and even attend University or Technical Schools if they have achieved outstanding grades.

Our students are currently completing their second term of the year, and their final term will begin in September.  Unfortunately, at this time, the ministry does not have the resources to pay the school fees needed to keep these students enrolled for the remainder of the year.   The cost for each student is approximately $100 for the final term.  Therefore, we need to raise $10,000 by July 15th so that these young people may finish their school year.  The Orphan Outreach Ministry is seeking the help of those who are called to assist these students and help provide a future for them.  If you would like to play a role in this ministry please consider making an online donation at or you can find information at for other means of making a donation.  All donations are tax deductible.  If you have any questions regarding this ministry, please feel free to contact Bill Irwin, Director of the Tenwek Orphanage Outreach Ministry, at .